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Values, Mission & Vision

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Statement of values   

School of nursing and midwifery tries to keep position of the school in the country based on Islamic values of society and as one of the fields of Iran University of Medical Sciences to realize mission of the university. We regard movement toward excellence in social education, research and responsibility as one of the main elements of progress of the university in national and international levels through support of committed, specialized and innovative manpower and the following values will be directed by us during such excellence:

  • Spiritual qualification, adherence to ethical principles and innovation: Core competency of each graduate of nursing and midwifery is the essential part of the education process.
  • “… And their rule is to take counsel among themselves …” is the slogan governs
  • performance of managers.
  • Lifelong learning: as an Islamic scientific value “Seek knowledge from your cradle to your grave” is common in all levels. 
  •  Accountable education and promotion of social responsibility of the students are possible by playing role of managers and professors.
  • Keeping human dignity when facing all customers of organization is a main duty.
  • Those who imagine clear future and are not captivated by the unknown future will be successful in the future.
  • Justice is one of the main elements of working and educational relations.


Mission of the School of Nursing and Midwifery of Iran University of Medical Sciences is to perform desirable services to the beneficiaries in basic dimensions of the field including education, research, and management, clinical and community-based services with focus on Iranian Islamic culture based on spirituality, ethics and professional behavior through training of wise, competent, innovative and interested manpower and based on knowledge-based direction of vision document 2025 of Islamic Republic of Iran and scientific plan of Iran University of Medical Sciences in national, regional and international levels. 


Keeping the first position in the country, attaining the first scientific rank in regional level and promoting international position among schools of nursing and midwifery 

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