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 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

Short-term plans of empowering nurses to take intensive care of infants and children and pediatrics emergency and updates of pediatric nursing, in addition to presentation of bachelor and master’s courses and participation in Ph.D program are executed by members of this department with cooperation of nursing continuing education office of the school and Iranian Cardiac Nurses Society in national level and we will admit student in near future in the field of master‘s course of pediatrics emergency nursing and pediatric intensive care nursing. Participation in the largest meeting of the pediatric nurses of the country (pediatric nursing congress) is one of the other honors of this department. 

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 | Post date: 2017/10/4 | 
 Name  Academic Rank
 Dr. S. Khanjari  Assistant Professor
 (Head of Dept.)
 Dr. S. Parvizi  Professor
 Dr. L. Borimnejad  Associate Professor
 Dr. M. Shoghi  Assistant Professor
 F. Sabeti  Lecturer
 M. Alinejad Naieni  Clinical Lecturer

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