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Intensive Care Nursing & Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology Dept.

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

In the recent decade, around the world, the most of accredited universities pay attention to launch of specialized trainingcourses for nurses to provide care for critical patients. The result of this issue is the creation of disciplines such as intensive care nursing. In Iran following the need for providing intensive care to multidimensional human being, and establishment of special care centers, the discipline of critical care nursing was introduced.


Critical care nursing is a specific major of nursing for training knowledgeable, competent and committed graduates for optimization of nursing care from critically ill patients who needs intensive care. The aim of this major is training students with special knowledge, attitude and practice in care of critically ill patients, and strengthening fundamentals of management, education, research, ethics and professionalism in graduates. The mission of this major is reducing mortality and morbidity of hospitalized patients in intensive care units, structural development and promotion in the process of nursing care, and training of graduate students with efficient skills and competencies.



Academic Rank

Dr. T. Najafi

Associate Professor

(Head of Dept.)

J. Mohammad Aliha


Dr. H. Peyrovi


Dr. M. Mohammadi

Associate Professor


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