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Duties of The Department’s Directors

 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 
  1. Compiling operational plan based on strategic plan of the school and presenting 6-month report
  2. Cooperating in management of educational processes of the school
  3. Supervising on updating of Persian and English content of the department
  4. Coordinating educational and research activities in the related field
  5. Preparing curricula which are necessary for teaching that field
  6. Supervising on presentation of courses and studying and making comment on textbooks and content of courses based on the enacted plans and syllabi
  7. Making comment on teaching and research hours of the department’s members
  8. Making comment on admission of the transferred and guest students and determining shortage of their course credits
  9. Studying research projects and proposing them to the educational-research council of the school
  10.   Making comment on missions of the department’s members and proposing it to the educational-research council of the school
  11.  Predicting need of the group for employment of the specialized faculty board members and proposing it to dean of the school
  12. Evaluating the working group annually to be introduced in educational-research council
  13. Planning about the courses according to the criteria which higher council of planning has delegated.
  14. Investigating and making comment for correction of the syllabi and revising the course titles to see whether it is principal or optional and determining course content considering the latest scientific progresses for proposing and enacting them in higher council of planning
  15. Preparing theoretical and practical curriculum
  16. Announcing the prepared plan to each one of the department’s members
  17. Supervising and controlling execution of the educational activities through:
  • Visiting clinical educational centers
  •  360 degree evaluating faculty members
  • Session with representatives of class


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