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 | Post date: 2017/05/22 | 

In the name of God

Geriatric and Nursing Management Group:

This educational academic group in the faculty of Nursing Midwifery offers numerous    scientific courses to the students in Ph.D. MS. And BS levels .The faculty members in this group are responsible for teaching Nursing leadership, Management as  well as teaching methods , Assessment and Evaluation nursing and other courses (theoretical & practicum in hospitals clinics, nursing home) such as geriatric nursing, professional ethic, nursing research &educational leadership and nursing management.

All members of this group have more than two decades of experience in educational & research activities and are responsible for advising M.S and doctoral thesis and has articles, research projects national & international honors, awards and grants.

Thesis in the field of education ageing, health management, professional leadership and professional ethic are example their work.

Undergraduate courses (B.S)

• Patient education principles and learning

• The principles of management and nursing services

• Ethics and professional considerations

Graduate courses(M.S)

• Healthy aging of age (2credit)

• Geriatric nursing (1) diseases, functional disorders of the elderly physical (4credit)

• Geriatric nursing (2) psychological status ailments, psychological disorders of elderly people (2credit)

• Geriatric nursing (3) issues of social problems of the elderly (2credit)

• Special care elderly and structures (3credit)

• Nursing models and the current theories (2credit)

• Pharmacology in geriatric (3credit)

• Epidemiology in elderly (2credit)

• Geriatric nursing research methods (2credit)

• Teaching methods and educational planning (1.5 credits)

• Clinical nursing management aging (2credit)

• The principles of leadership and management theory for B.S (2credit)

• Seminar on nursing issues (2credit)

• The principles of management and theory of special master's pediatric nursing and NICU(2credit)

• Nursing Management for master's nursing of intensive care unit and per fusionist (2credit)

• Teaching methods (2credit)

• Lesson planning and design (2credit)

•evaluation and Measurement (2credit)

• Seminar on nursing issues (2credit)

Doctoral degree in nursing

• Educational leadership training

• Test and evaluation

• The challenges of nursing

• New approaches in teaching


 Nursing leadership and  management curriculum

Professional standards of  nursing education curriculum

international standards of professional ethics  codes ICN health services

Professional standards of  geriatric nursing curriculum



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